Rakhi Sawant’s troubled marriage leads to husband’s arrest in Mumbai

Rakhi accused Adil Khan Durrani of infidelity
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Adil Khan Durrani, was taken into police custody on Tuesday following Sawant’s complaint accusing him of mismanaging her funds and neglecting her late mother, and having an extramarital affair.

In an emotional statement, Rakhi alleged that Durrani had stolen her money, physically abused her, and cheated on her.

She also revealed that she had submitted all the evidence to the authorities to prove her claims. Sawant had previously accused Durrani of having an extramarital affair.

The couple was seen together during a dinner outing with friends just a day before the arrest.

In a paparazzo video shared on social media, Durrani can be seen feeding Sawant, who commented on the video with tears and said, “Yes, he had come to apologize, but I will never forgive him.”

Sawant also said, “Even enemies are given water when they come home, he’s my husband, and I will love him till I die, but I cannot forgive him.”

The arrest comes after a series of dramatic events in Sawant’s personal life, which she has been openly discussing with the media.

The authorities are investigating the matter, and the court will determine the validity of Sawant’s claims.


Rakhi Sawant

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