Hyderabad’s ancient Mukhi House converted into museum

The place served as a political center before the establishment of Pakistan

Decades old Mukhi House in Hyderabad, that once served for political and security activities; has been turned into a museum.

Located in a densely populated area of Pukka Fort in Hyderabad, the Mukhi House had been constructed by patriarch of the Mukhi family Jethanand Mukhi, some 103 years back.

While the clean construction and maintenance of the place makes people believe it to be made just a few years back.

The magnificent building looks no less than a palace, just like what Jethanand Mukhi wanted his construction to be called.

The Mukhi House had been expertly designed by an Italian architect, to keep it away from the noise of the city.

While, special stones were ordered from the Indian city of Jodhpur and the patterns were made by the experts.

In 2009, the department of antiquities had declared the site as “heritage”, after which the restoration work was started at the location.

Upon contacting Dharam Mukhi, daughter of Jethanand Mukhi, the work of restoration was started and completed within a span of three years.

The historic building consists of 12 living rooms, two big halls, servant quarters and more than 300 windows and doors.

The place also served as a political center before the establishment of Pakistan, while Congress leader Jawahar Laal Nehru had also stayed at this place.

After Pakistan came into being, the Mukhi family left the country; following which government offices and schools were opened on the site in 1957.

The museum is open for the visitors, who are welcomed to the site by a red carpet.


Mukhi House

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