US pledges its support for Pakistan in the face of security threats

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price labels Pakistan as an important partner in number of ways

The United States recognizes Pakistan as a crucial partner in the fight against terrorism and has pledged to support them in the face of security threats.

The Spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State Ned Price said this during the media briefing when he was asked a question about the Peshawar suicide blast in which a hundred people died and how the US was supporting Pakistan amid the recent wave of terrorism in the country.

To this, he responded, “But this is important, and it’s precisely why we took an opportunity last week to issue a statement on the bombing of the mosque that was inside the police lines in Peshawar.”

“Of course, this is – any terrorist attack is something that we condemn with the utmost vociferousness. But this attack resulted in the deaths of scores of innocent civilians as well as public servants, individuals who had dedicated their lives to protecting their fellow Pakistani citizens,” he continued.

He said, “This is a scourge that affects Pakistan, it affects India, it affects Afghanistan. It is something that we’re focused on throughout the entire region. When it comes to Pakistan, they’re an important partner of the United States, and a partner in any number of ways.”

Price went on to say that they have reiterated their commitment to stand with Pakistan in the face of these security threats.

Pakistan will continue to be a stalwart partner of the United States and vice versa in the face of these types of horrific terrorist attacks, he added.



US State Department

Ned Price

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