‘Meet you in court’: Feroze Khan’s lawyer files defamation suit against Muneeb Butt

He publicly ridiculed my law firm, says Faique Ali Jagirani
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Photo: File

A lawyer for Pakistani actor Feroze Khan has filed a complaint against Muneeb Butt in the cyber crime branch of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for allegedly defaming him and his law firm online.

On January 17, Feroze Khan had sent legal notices to nine Pakistani celebrities, along with his ex-wife Syeda Aliza Sultan, for defaming and leveling false allegations against him on social media.

Feroze Khan, also shared a copy of the notice. In doing so, he also gave away personal details of these celebrities, including their addresses and other contact details.

Among these celebrities were Muneeb Butt’s wife and sister-in-law, Aiman Khan and Minal Khan, and so the actor took to social media and in return filed a complaint against the Khaani actor for leaking personal information of his family members online.

Butt later shared an Instagram story saying that his (Feroze Khan’s) lawyer, Faique Ali Jagirani, has only taken up the case to gain subscribers on his YouTube account.

He further said that Jagirani will stretch this case until he gets the YouTube silver button (upon reaching the milestone of 100,000 subscribers).

Now, Faique Ali Jagirani has filed a complaint with the FIA’s cybercrime branch against Butt, alleging that the celebrity took to social media to defame him and his law firm.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer also shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he said that he demands a public apology from the actor, or he’ll see the actor in court.

In the video, he said “If Muneeb Butt says that he did this – defame him – unintentionally, so he must apologize on all social media platforms.”

Furthermore, he said, “But if you don’t apologize, and you’re insisting on your mistake, then Mister Muneeb Butt, wish you best of luck, meet you in the court.”

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