‘Breaking stereotypes’: Hazim Bangwar celebrates trending on Twitter

Multi-talented Hazim Bangwar takes on role of AC North Nazimabad
Feb 04, 2023
<p>Photo: Hazim Bangwar/Instagram</p>

Photo: Hazim Bangwar/Instagram

Hazim Bangwar, the newly appointed Assistant Commissioner (AC) of North Nazimabad in Karachi, has been making waves on social media, with users congratulating him on his new assignment while applauding his personal style and now a top Twitter trend.

The 30-year-old civil servant is a multi-talented individual, who easily fits in the fashion scene and on the stage with a mic.

He started going viral after people noticed that the latest public official had a secret life.

On Friday and on Saturday, Bangwar was trending on social media site Twitter.

The new AC of North Nazimabad also shared a screenshot of the top Twitter trends in Pakistan and showing he was number five on the trending list.

He wrote, “Got me trending on Twitter in Pakistan. This one’s for the public! For the people! For the youth! For my seniors who guided me! This is for me serving you! “

Born in Karachi, but raised in New York, and educated in London, Bangwar has completed degrees in Fashion Designing and Law from the American InterContinental University London and the University of London, respectively.

He also enjoys a successful music career, with his mix tapes and songs topping the music charts in several countries, making him the first Pakistani singer, to reach the international charts with English songs.

His journey from being an international music sensation to a civil servant is an inspiring one.

Since his appointment, Bangwar has become a talk of the town over his cool viral pictures.

Yay or nay

The main reason Bangwar was trending on Twitter was because people were mostly wishing him well and congratulating him on his appointment.

Some even dubbed him as the ‘coolest’ and ‘hippest’ public official.

Check out public’s reaction on the appointment of Hazim Bangwar as the AC of North Nazimabad, Karachi.

Social media is buzzing with excitement about this “rising star of bureaucracy”, and people are eager to see what he will achieve in his new position.


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