Instagram founders launch news platform to compete with Twitter, TikTok

Posts promoting falsehood will not be allowed on Artifact
<p>PHOTO: Artifact</p>

PHOTO: Artifact

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram, have introduced their new news app, Artifact. This text-based platform aims to compete with the likes of Twitter and TikTok with its innovative features.

The name Artifact was chosen to embody the three core elements of the app: articles, facts, and AI. Upon opening the app, users will be greeted with a central feed filled with news stories from reputable sources like The New York Times.

As users engage with the content, the app will personalize the feed to their interests, thanks to the recommendation algorithm that was designed in-house.

Systrom mentioned that the algorithm prioritizes the time spent reading an article over clicks and comments, providing a more accurate reflection of the user’s interest.

The app will also feature news stories from a diverse range of outlets, promoting balanced coverage. However, the co-founders are firm on one rule: posts that promote falsehood will not be allowed on Artifact.

In the near future, Artifact will also include a social aspect, allowing users to follow their friends and read articles they’ve shared, complete with their own commentary.

The app also offers a direct message inbox, providing users with the option to privately discuss posts.

Systrom and Krieger are financing the project with their own funds, viewing Artifact as the next iteration of social apps.

Those interested in trying the app can join the waiting list for the iOS and Android beta, with the team intending to invite new users soon.




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