What is Scrap Fest? Why #BanScrapFest is trending on Twitter?

Celebs, public condemn Scrap Fest as they call it against Islamic values
<p>Photo: Scrap Fest/Instagram</p>

Photo: Scrap Fest/Instagram

Scrap Fest - an LGBTQ event hosted by a Canadian-Pakistani musician Urvah Khan - gets severely criticized by Pakistani social media users for promoting homosexuality. The critics call for a ban on the event.

Urvah Khan announced her return to Pakistan with a new live music series called ‘Scrap Fest’ in 2017. According to her, “Scrap Fest is the first female-fronted LGBTQ-friendly rock festival.”

Scrap Fest brings together Pakistan and international underground performers and trans on featuring rockers, rappers, singers, dance acts, DJs, virtual performances.

Last year, Scrap Fest Karachi, which was co-funded by the German Consulate, was engulfed in controversy when the diplomat attending the event was accused of harassment and ended up being suspended.

Despite its controversial nature, the Scrap Fest is again going to take place in Karachi on February 4; featuring queer, trans, drag queens, and underground performers.

As this news circulated online, netizens strongly condemned the festival which is promoting LGBTQ in Pakistan and started a hashtag, #BanScrapFest on Twitter, demanding to ban such events as they are against Islamic values.

One person tweeted, “It’s heartbreaking to see rapidly rising trend of LGBTQ in Pakistan.”

Another person wrote, “Is this really an Islamic country? Why our government is not taking any action against this.”

A tweep tagged the Government of Pakistan official account and questioned, “How is a foreign country funding a haram event in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and it is being allowed?”

Renowned Pakistani fashion designer, Maria B, also raised question on the Scrap Fest asking for a ban on the event.

Another Pakistani celebrity, Aiman Khan, also shared an Instagram story against the event.

Check out how social media reacted to the news of Scrap Fest 2023.




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