Meera doesn’t know Babar Azam, Ahmed Ali Akbar & rates Yumna Zaidi 1/10

Baaji actor appeared in the recent episode of Super Over
Feb 02, 2023

Known for giving content and attention-grabbing antics, Pakistan’s veteran actor Meera has come up with a claim that she doesn’t know who Parizaad famed Ahmed Ali Akbar is. Besides this, Pakistan cricket team skipper Babar Azam also couldn’t do anything impressive to secure spot in the ‘I know them’ list of the actor.

Meera has a knack for making mistakes that keep her in the public eye.

The Baaji actor appeared in the recent episode of SAMAA TV show, Super Over, where she was asked to rate famous Pakistani film and drama actors.

The show host asked her to rate the Parizaad actor, Ahmed Ali Akber, and to everyone’s surprise; the Nazar actor said that she does not even know who he is.

She was later told that the actor was the main lead in 2021 hit drama serial, Parizaad.

To this, Meera replied that she has heard many praises of that drama and Akbar, and expressed her desire to watch the drama soon.

When asked to rate Yumna Zaidi, Akbar’s co-star from Parizaad, she gave her one out of ten and said that she doesn’t know her as well.

Later in another segment of the show namely Meera k Dulhay Ki Talash, the Inteha actor was given a few options to choose from for marriage.

During the segment, the pictures of famous Pakistani cricketers, Ahmed Shehzad and Babar Azam were displayed.

Replying to this, Meera apologized and said that she doesn’t recognize them too.

Check out the complete episode here:


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