Dangers to look for while refueling your bike or rickshaw

While the task may seem fairly simple, failure to follow precautions may result in drastic consequences

Refueling is an important task for every individual that uses a vehicle for daily commute.

Some people may even find the need to refuel on a daily basis, especially bikers and rickshaw drivers who can only carry so much fuel in their limited sized vehicle fuel tanks.

While the task may seem fairly simple to execute – failure to comply with proper precautions of fueling may result in drastic consequences.

Safety practitioners often reiterate on the importance of getting off the bike or rickshaw during refuel.

This is mainly due to the prevalence of dangers in a fuel station and the tendence of vehicle engines to catch fire. Getting off the bike or rickshaw allows the rider a fraction of time to step away from danger in case of a fire.

Here are some of the dangers that may be around you while refueling your bike or rickshaw:

  1. Petrol Spills can result in a fire. The vapors rising from the spills can react with static charge or ignition and catch fire in the surrounding.
  2. Heated Engine of a bike or rickshaw can result in fire as well if it comes in contact with petrol spills or fuel vapors.
  3. Engine and wire modifications in bikes and rickshaws, particularly 3-seaters can offer static to surrounding which in turn initiates a fire.

These are some of the many reasons that a biker or a rickshaw driver can be exposed to fire during the process of refueling. To avoid any health hazards, it is important that we step off and away from our vehicles and also listen and comply with all safety precautions offered by the fuel station workers.





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