PHF bans former Olympian Khawaja Junaid for life

Hockey Federation blames former manager for fielding 12 players in official match attracting penalties
<p>PHF imposes lifetime ban on Khawaja Junaid.
PHOTO: File</p>

PHF imposes lifetime ban on Khawaja Junaid. PHOTO: File

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) on Tuesday banned former Olympian Khawaja Junaid on Tuesday for life after an incident in the match against Japan where he was the manager and fielded 12 players when he was allowed only 11.

As a result, Pakistan team’s goal was disallowed because there were 12 players on the field and they ended up drawing the critical match in Asia Cup 2022 and were ultimately disqualified from the World Cup.

PHF had formed a committee to probe the issue but Khawaja Junaid resigned before that and said he was not responsible for the incident.

The former manager also refused to appear before the committee.

PHF’s legal advisor Mian Ali Ashfaq said that Pakistan’s national hockey team faced embarrassment across the world due to Khawaja Junaid’s blunder.

PHF Secretary Haider Ali also blamed Khawaja Junaid for the whole fiasco and said sole responsibility was on the manager for such incidents.

On the other hand, Khawaja Junaid was disappointed by the decision of PHF and said he does not want any conflict with PHF.

He said the matter was over and this decision by PHF was unnecessary and revealed that Dutch coach Siegfried Aikman admitted that it was his mistake.

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