Fiza Ali, Sahir Ali Bagga were duped by fraudulent concert organizers in Bahawalpur

Ali, Sahir Ali Bagga fall victim to fraudulent concert organizers
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

Pakistani actor and TV host Fiza Ali has lifted the lid on a fake concert in Bahawalpur that left her and her management team bamboozled.

In a video posted on her social account, Ali said that she and singer and composer Sahir Ali Bagga were contracted to perform a concert at the Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur on Saturday, January 28.

However, she noted that they had discovered that the concert was a scam.

They learnt this when the management team of the two artists asked the organizers to pay the advance. .

At this point, Ali said, the organizers of the event vanished and are no longer in contact with the stars.

Taking to her Instagram account, Fiza Ali posted a video in which she stated that the company organizing the event has been unresponsive. They were neither picking up the phones nor were they transferring the advance money.

She also stated that despite their request, the organizers continued to sell tickets in her and Bagga’s names.

Ali requested fans not to buy tickets for the concert. If anyone has already bought tickets, then she urged them to seek a refund.


The Mehendi actor confirmed that she will not be performing at the concert in Bahawalpur today.


Sahir Ali Bagga

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