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Actor will bring classic courtesan to life in upcoming Umrao Jaan Ada series adaptation
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Pakistani actor Sajal Ali has been confirmed as the main lead in the highly-anticipated adaptation of the classic Urdu novel, Umrao Jaan Ada.

Written by Mirza Hadi Ruswa in 1899, the novel explores the culture and society of 19th century Indian subcontinent, specifically the life of a courtesan with the same name as the title of the novel.

The novel has been adopted in several dramas serials and movies in the past.

But unlike past adaptations, the latest series will rely on the original Urdu version of the novel.

Produced by Abu Dhabi-based South Asian celebrity management agency Action Consultancy, Umrao Jaan Ada will be helmed by Hamid Hussain and Muhammad Yaqoob.

While talking to US-based magazine, Variety, Hamid Hussain said that the series will remain true to the original Urdu version of the novel and will not take creative liberties as was undertaken in previous film adaptations.

It suggested that this would be a period drama.

He further said, “There is a lot in the novel that has never been shown in an audiovisual project.”

According to Variety, Sajal Ali will be joined by another female lead, as it remains true to the novel.

Currently, the series is in the development phase, and is expected to make its way to a major streaming platform soon.

Apart from Umrao Jaan Ada, Sajal Ali is stared in another international project, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, helmed by Jemima Goldsmith.

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