Ghokti operation: Police deploy America-trained snipers against Sindh’s dacoits

Dacoits used to honeytrap unsuspecting victims to lure them to the Sindh's riverine areas

Sindh police, who are currently engaged in an armed operation against dacoits hiding in the riverine areas of Sindh, have summoned 10 snipers who had been trained by American snipers, as they look to step up their efforts to purge the dacoits and recover the captives.

SSP Tanvir told the media that dacoits used to honeytrap victims and lure them to the riverine areas instead of abducting them.

“It is a war of resources,” SSP Tanvir said, adding, “The dacoits are armed with modern and foreign weapons.”

He added that to even the scales, they have sought help from American trained snipers.

They will join the police operation, which has already seen the deployment of armored personnel carriers and other heavy weapons.

The police official added that so far, they have managed to recover 20 captives. They believe nine more people are being held by the dacoits.

The dacoits are active in the riverine area between Guddu to Sukkur Barrage.

It is pertinent to note that last year in November, a deputy superintendent of police, two station house officers (SHOs), and two constables were killed while three others were injured due to an attack by at least 150 dacoits on a police camp in the riverine area of Ghotki district.

The riverine area where the incident took place was known as Raunti, where the police had set up a camp after entering the area to recover three hostages who were kidnapped on October 30.



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