Daler Mehndi rises above the trolls with positivity and gratitude

Many social media users have come to Mehndi’s defense
<p>PHOTO: Daler Mehendi/Twitter</p>

PHOTO: Daler Mehendi/Twitter

Popular Indian singer, Daler Mehndi, has recently come under fire for expressing gratitude to Prince Harry for mentioning him in his memoir ‘Spare’.

However, it has since been revealed that the tweet was a fake, posted by a page called Qualiteaposts on social media. Despite the backlash he faced, Mehndi has responded to the situation with positivity.

In his tweet, Mehndi also shared a photo of a newspaper article, captioning it with a message of hope and positivity. “Folks! Divine Wisdom roars to be heard. It says Daler Mehndi didn’t fall for the joke tweet.

He arose to spread smiles and happiness as he does in all his songs especially in Na Na Na Na Na Re!! Happiness shared Multiplies. DM Keep spreading Smiles and Happiness,“ he wrote.

Many social media users have come to Mehndi’s defense, arguing that he should be allowed to have his moment and that he likely knows it is a fake tweet.

Some have even pointed out that Mehndi’s music has brought joy and positivity to many people, including Prince Harry.

Despite the negative attention he received, Mehndi continues to spread positivity and happiness through his music, as evidenced by his recent tweets about his career and the impact of his music on others.

In one tweet, he wrote, “In 1995 I made Bolo Tara Ra, my fans made it a super-duper hit! Today in 2023, Team India made it the song of victory #jeetkebolotararara. Can’t thank Baba Nanak enough!”

In the end, Daler Mehndi has shown us that a little bit of positivity can go a long way, even in the face of negativity. He continues to spread smiles and happiness through his music, and for that, we are grateful.

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