They should be behind bars: Celebrities condemn Lahore school bullying incident

Punjab police say a case has been registered and that they are investigating the incident
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Pakistani celebrities are prompting authorities to take strict action against the girls in the viral video beating their classmate, saying they all must be behind bars.

A few days ago, a video of a girl from a private international school in Lahore being bullied by her classmates for allegedly not drinking alcohol went viral.

The video shows four teenage girls holding their classmate by the hair and pinning her to the ground, demanding that she “say sorry”, while they can also be heard verbally abusing her.

Other girls and boys can be seen recording a video of the incident on her mobile phone.

After watching the video, many Pakistani celebrities have addressed the incident demanding immediate action against the group of girls.

A renowned Pakistani actor, Ahsan Khan, took to his Instagram account, and questioned the school management that where they were at the time of the incident.

He further said that each one who is making the girl’s video must also be behind bars.

Ahmed Ali Butt, shared an Instagram story stating that the video is an eyeopener how ‘drugs and social media’ are exploiting youth.

He further said, “I blame their parents who have zero clue about what’s going on in their children’s life and the school management who let this horrible incident take place.”

Yashma Gill, shared an Instagram story stating that she wonders when the kids will realize that bullying someone is not ‘cool’.

Imran Abbas also took to his social media demanding an immediate action against the group of girls.

The Faasle inger, Quratulain Baloch, shared a tweet saying, “Absolutely vile and disgusting behavior. Who are these no-so-human kinds?”

The famous Pakistani singer, Hadiqa Kiani raised her voice for the victims, saying, “My heart breaks for the #ScarsdaleSchool incident.”

In a Twitter thread she wrote, “Most parents are delusional and voluntarily ignorant about what is happening in their children’s lives, many are unknowingly causing severe trauma to their children that they in turn regurgitate into other innocent children in even more extreme ways.”

Responding to the viral clip, the official Twitter account of the Capital City Police Lahore said that a case had been registered and that an investigation has also been launched into the incident.


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