WATCH: French model bizarre intro at Miss Universe leaves internet in splits

People can't stop laughing at her for sounding like rooster
<p>Photo: Eva Colas/Instagram</p>

Photo: Eva Colas/Instagram

A resurfaced video of the Miss Universe 2018 left social media in splits and the reason behind it is the contestant’s ‘raucous’ voice during introduction round.

In the clip, contestants from various countries could be heard yelling names of their representative countries.

But it was Miss France, Eva Colas, whose shout out stood out for all the wrong reasons, as her introduction turned into a pure screech.

Eva Colas, also shared the video on her Instagram account saying that the two seconds she’s trying to avoid but that have been following her for four years.

Sharing the video, a Twitter user wrote, “I didn’t know Miss World was a thing still, but I’ve been watching how the French woman introduces herself for about half an hour”

Another person said, “I came close to giving up before getting to France, but it was worth it.”

A user said, “I am actually crying with laughter!”

Check out how internet reacted to Miss France “screech” at the Miss Universe pageant.

The Miss Universe competition is set to return on January 15, 2023, and it will be interesting to see if any other memorable moments emerge from this year’s competition.

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charlotte Jan 16, 2023 10:36pm
wow you are really good at make miss france funny haha
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