Former Punjab governor says yet to decide on a return to Pakistan’s politics

Refutes rumors of of forming a new party with former PTI members

Former Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar on Monday stated that he has yet to decide whether to return to Pakistani politics and that he remains in consultation with ‘friends’ about whether or not to get involved again.

Speaking to SAMAA TV show host Nadeem Malik on his show, Nadeem Malik Live, he claimed about reading about the formation of a new party in Punjab.

Continuing, he said that it was his belief that elections would be held on time and that the provincial assembly would not be dissolved.

Elahi’s conundrum

Sarwar, who had given up his membership in the Scottish Labour Member of Parliament for Glasgow Central in favor of taking up a much vaunted position in the heart of Pakistan, the governor’s seat in Punjab, claimed that incumbent Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi is unlikely to allow the provincial assembly to be dissolved.

The former Punjab governor believed that Elahi has been unable to secure the unwavering backing of 186 MPAs of the Punjab Assembly before taking the vote (of confidence).

“This is why he [Elahi] would not take vote of confidence,” Sarwar said.

He further said that Pervez Elahi would oppose the dissolution of the assembly.

“The PTI members of Punjab Assembly would also want to keep their seats and will not tender their resignations,” he claimed.

As a result, he said that he only saw general elections taking place at the constitutionally mandated time.

He claimed that during his tenure as Punjab Governor, he wanted to allocate funds to all districts of Punjab in accordance with their requirements and demands.

Wither ties with Imran

Regarding the disintegration of ties with PTI Chairman Imran Khan, the former governor stated that he failed to improve his understanding with him.

“Sometimes we would settle in, and at other times, the relationship would deteriorate.”

The bone of contention, he said, became the Sarwar Foundation, adding that Imran was given false information about it that led to misgivings.

“I urged PTI not to politicize the armed forces,” he commented.

Watch his full interview below

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