“Disgusting and unacceptable”: Kaifi Khalil upset with Karachi Eat’s management

Public too calls out festival's organizers for poor management
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

The famous Pakistani singer addressed the mishap at the biggest food festival in the city, Karachi Eat, and said he was extremely disappointed and upset.

The last day of the 10th edition of Karachi Eat, held at The Beach Park, saw some disturbance, as a crowd of attendees rushed to jump over the fence and enter the event without tickets.

As the crowd swarmed the gate, security guards struggled to maintain order and prevent a further influx.

Amidst of the chaos, famous Pakistani singer Kaifi Khalil was hit by a bottle while performing on stage, which led him to cut his performance short and leave the stage.

Earlier today, the Kahani Suno singer took to his Twitter handle to address the incident and said how disappointed and upset he is after the last night’s incident.

He clarified the news of his being injured and said that he is perfectly fine and appreciated everyone being concerned about his well-being.

Talking about the mishap, he wrote that he is extremely disappointed and upset because of what happened with women who came out to enjoy the evening were harassed and treated inappropriately by a group of individuals that lacked decency.

He said, “The event got canceled mid-performance because I couldn’t continue with what was going on and because it became a safety concern for people in the audience as well.”

He requested the organizers of the event to please take into consideration the safety of everyone attending when choosing the venue for such events, especially for women, so such incidents don’t happen.

He concluded by saying that I request that everyone should be mindful of each other and treat everyone with respect.

The public also criticized the management of Karachi Eat for letting the situation worsen.

A person who attended the event shared his experience and claimed that the management turned off all the lights to deal with the situation, which made the situation worse.

Another person said that not only organizers of the event, but people were also responsible for the mishap, as the attendees were not kindergarten children, but grown individuals.



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