WATCH: Step into new world with HTC’s Vive XR Elite headset

Headset has 3,840x1,920 combined resolution with up to 110-degree field of view, 90Hz refresh rate
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HTC has recently unveiled its newest high-end virtual reality headset, the Vive XR Elite, which is set to be released in February.

The headset, which was on display at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, boasts features such as pass-through cameras for mixed-reality experiences and a depth sensor for measuring spaces.

The headset has a 3,840x1,920 combined resolution with up to 110-degree field of view and a 90Hz refresh rate. It features four wide FOV tracking cameras, a high-resolution RGB camera, and a depth sensor.

One of the standout features of the Vive XR Elite is its size and weight, which is considerably lighter and smaller than the Quest Pro headset. It can also be folded up into a compact travel tube, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

However, the headset does have some limitations, as it is not currently compatible with prescription glasses. Instead, it offers a diopter that can adjust the prescription from 0 to -6, which may not be suitable for those with higher prescriptions.

Despite this limitation, the Vive XR Elite offers several immersive VR experiences, including scuba diving, conducting an orchestra, and punching targets. It is also capable of mixed reality experiences, although these were described as being “quick and surface-level” in demonstrations.

For $1099, the Vive XR Elite is on the expensive side, even compared to the Quest Pro. However, HTC is focusing on the future of augmented reality and aiming to meet in the middle with virtual reality, potentially in a few years.

It is available to pre-order from the Vive website.


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