Jam Kamal assets swelled by 376% in 5 years as CM

Kamal’s assets were worth Rs252 million in 2015

Former Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan and his family’s assets witnessed an increase of 376% in the past five financial years (2015 to 2019). Kamal declared his and wife ’s assets as Rs252 million in 2015, which increased to Rs1.25 billion in the financial year, 2019.

SAMAA TV‘s Investigative Unit undertook a months-long effort to acquire, review and analyze data about the wealth of PTI’s parliamentarians members and others from 2015 to 2019. The documents were sourced from the political finance wing of the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the Cabinet Division and the federal tax authorities.

The data showed that all 1,170 MPs collectively had assets/wealth of Rs91 billion during the fiscal year 2019-20, while they collectively owned assets worth Rs49 billion during 2015.

Kamal’s assets were worth Rs252 million in 2015 which jumped to Rs371 million in 2018, swelling to Rs1.2 billion while the liability was halved to Rs20 million in 2019.

Kamal’s normal income was shown as Rs87.2 million with taxes of Rs11.751 million in the financial year 2019, as per the annual MPs’ tax directory.

He paid taxes of Rs43,735 in 2013, Rs257,361 in 2014, and Rs988,306 in 2015, before jumping significantly to Rs4.018 million in 2016.

Following a significant increase in tax liabilities, he paid Rs6.146 million in taxes in 2017, and then Rs4.809 million in 2018.

When approached, Jam Kamal explained the change in the value of his assets over time.

“For a long time, I’ve been a regular income taxpayer. I have done everything with full transparency, documentation, and clarity. I am one of the biggest political taxpayers in Balochistan along with all records.”


Jam Kamal

Balochistan CM

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