Misuse of antibiotics can be deadly, warn doctors

Call for creating national committee to formulate guidelines after 5m killed around the world in 2019 from drug abuse

There is a need to develop guidelines for consuming common drugs, especially antibiotics to prevent their abuse and potentially cause fatalities.

This has been suggested by Dow International Medical College Principal Prof Zeba Haque while addressing a seminar on “Endocarditis-Prophylaxis-A Holistic Review” organized by the Dow Institute of Cardiology in collaboration with Professional Development Center at AQ Khan Auditorium DIMC, Ojha Campus, on Tuesday.

During the seminar, Prof Haque said that that the mortality rate from abuse of antibiotics was reduced in most of the world by following the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA)

Prof Haque further said that people must carefully use antibiotics, as she called for legislation to prevent their unnecessary and frequent misuse.

To devise concrete steps, she suggested that a committee should be constituted at the national level to formulate guidelines on the health issues following the standards set by AHA.

Visiting expert Dr Taner Yildiz, from the Netherlands, said that in 2019, five million people lost their lives due to the misuse of the Antibiotic drugs.

Terming it an international problem, Dr Yildiz said the Netherlands has implemented strict guidelines over the use of antibiotics, which are updated periodically.

He further said that they have stopped the use of antibiotics after minor procedures or surgeries, he said.

Dr Hashim Nadeem said that due to unnecessary consumption and abundance of drugs, their effectiveness is decreasing, creating problems when they prescribe doses.

Dr Anwar Ali said that there is a regular system of drug resistance in germs. The unnecessary and excessive use of these drugs strengthens this resistance.

He backed the call for creating national guidelines on drug use in Pakistan on the pattern of the American Heart Association.

Dr Tariq Farman said that a complete draft of the guidelines is ready, which can be submitted after approval.




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