Priceless moments: UAE fireworks, drones show shatter world records

UAE sky was lit up with a jaw-dropping larger-than-life fireworks display

The new year celebrations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) became a world record of impressive display of fireworks, attended by over more than a million visitors while millions watched it online.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa New Year fireworks and Ras Al Khaimah showed some rare display of fireworks for the tourists for the prefect start of 2023.

The fireworks display made Guinness World Records including most pinwheels launched in 30 seconds, most repeated firework image formations in 30 seconds and most girandola launched in 30 seconds.

Show of drones

The first world record title was the “largest number of operated multi-rotors/drones with a simultaneous fireworks display” with a record-breaking 671 operated drones in the air.

It also set a new world record for the “largest aerial sentence formed by multirotors/drones” created with 673 drones.


Happy New Year 2023


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