New restrictions announced on carrying holy ZamZam water out of Saudi Arabia

Airlines operating on Saudi Airports directed to strictly implement order
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Saudi Arabia on Saturday announced new restrictions on carrying holy ZamZam water out of the country even as it seeks to clamp down on passengers smuggling the elixir out of the country by hiding it in their luggage.

In a circular issued to all airlines operating at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport and ground service companies by the firm managing Jeddah Airports, it stated that new directions on handling of ZamZam needs to be implemented.

The circular signed by the Executive deputy President for Hajj and Umrah Affairs, stated that ‘regulations and instructions’ allow only those passengers to carry ZamZam water on flights heading out of the country who have a valid Hajj or Umra visa.

It added that all such passengers are allowed a singular bottle of ZamZam water with them on departing international flights.

Further, the circular specified that the bottle allowed to be carried must also meet specific parameters that it must be one of the regular bottles with five liters capacity designated for air transport.

The bottles are specifically produced by Saudi Arabia for the purpose at the King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz ZamZam Water company.

The step has ostensibly been taken to restrict passengers from carrying excessive ZamZam-filled bottles in their baggage which leads to spills and waste of the holy water.

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R Hansildaar Jan 03, 2023 10:14am
Zam zam means a lot for us to bring home to share with family