Watch: Tehsil of Dadu looks ‘haunted’ after being covered by huge spider webs

Hundreds of spiders took up abode in the trees in flooded areas and multiplied
Dec 28, 2022
<p>Photo: Screengrab</p>

Photo: Screengrab

Since several areas of Sindh are still inundated by floodwater, Dadu’s Tehsil Khairpur Nathan Shah witnessed a sight only last saw over a decade ago as thousands of spiders have covered trees with huge webs, effectively giving the impression of mummified trees in cucoons.

In a scene out of the Lord of the Rings movie, thousands of spiders took refuge in the trees after the floods.

With most of these areas now vacated of population, the spider population has multiplied greatly.

Due to this extraordinary phenomenon, the entire area looks like a giant haunted place.

A local said that as people vacated the area in search of dry land, after the devastating floods, the spiders took up abode in the trees.

Now that the locals have returned to their homes after the water receded, even if they have to live in less than ideal conditions, they had no idea what kind of a sight was waiting for them.

The local said that whenever they “turn on the lights inside the house, the spiders swarm it and smother it”.

Another resident said, “Even if we clean our houses, dozens of tiny spiders would again spin their webs,” adding,

“Really! Khairpur Nathan Shah has become a haunted place.”


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