Scaling entrepreneur Burhan Mirza sets his sights on a new horizon

His latest venture The Coach 360 will be a hub for people to learn
<p>Burhan Mirza</p>

Burhan Mirza

In an age where information exchange is as common as fish in water, people constantly worry about the authenticity and credibility of their searched queries. According to a report published by Statista, more than 6 billion people use smartphones as their primary means of communication, turning the internet into a hive mind where every individual has the authority to publish, post, and share information without actually verifying its credibility.

This free rein over the sharing of false information has warped the perspectives of many, cementing the fact that the internet is not to be trusted. However, according to Pakistani business magnate, Burhan Mirza, ignoring the potential of the internet is one of the “biggest mistakes we can make.”

We sat down with the face of Pakistan’s IT sector, Burhan Mirza, to talk about how widespread digital misinformation is adversely affecting the growth of entrepreneurs on a global scale. According to the business magnate, “The internet is a very sophisticated web of information and data. I would know because I grew up in an era where this kind of connectivity was considered a pipe dream. On one hand, it can take you to tremendous heights in your life; on the other, it can leave you with a completely distorted view of reality. There is good, but we can’t say that there’s no bad.”

When asked about how he thought this problem should be dealt with, Burhan said, “It’s not as simple as that. We’re talking about a problem that is shared by the global population, so obviously, it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. But there are ways that can reverse this effect to a certain degree. That’s part of the reason I introduced The Coach 360. I wanted people to know that the internet doesn’t belong to the hypocrites, the liars, and the frauds. It is a place of knowledge, and it should be used as such.”

“The road to success begins where the path to self-improvement ends.”

Burhan proceeded to tell us about his latest venture, The Coach 360, saying, “I wanted it to be a hub for people to learn. I’ve spent a lifetime to reach where I am today, and now that I think back, I realize that I could’ve gotten here a lot sooner if only I had the right guidance.”

The scaling mentor further explained, “I see so much potential in the young generation, and I think to myself, ‘Why aren’t they coming up with new ideas? Where’s their creativity? Where’s their passion for growth?’ You have access to the world’s wealth of knowledge, every business that ever was, every genius that ever lived, and every little spark that never made it past the idea board; you have access to it all, so why don’t you use it? The answer is simple. They don’t know how.”

Burhan is on a mission to guide up-and-coming entrepreneurs in their journeys with The Coach 360. In his own words, his goal is to “equip the younger generation with the right mindset.”

Burhan also shares tips on his YouTube channel ranging from managing empires to the kind of mindset people should practice in corporate environments. Burhan’s focus lies in helping people understand the importance of resilience, persistence, and patience, the three virtues of a disciplined mind.

“I didn’t have any family-owned businesses, I graduated from Sir Syed University and started my career at TradeKey, so I obviously didn’t have a million-dollar circle of friends, so most of my experience comes from trial and error. I learned along the way with my colleagues, and there’s no shame in that,” said the tech entrepreneur.

“I wish someone had guided me back then, but like most people today, I was lost. That’s mainly the reason behind The Coach 360, to provide young minds with a sense of direction, something I had to find on my own.”

Burhan further elaborated on how he planned to fight widespread misinformation through The Coach 360 by sharing his life experiences and lessons with like-minded people.

“I love Pakistan, and it pains me to see our young generation so lost. Their future is directly linked to the future of Pakistan and I want to see Pakistan’s name in technological advancements next to the likes of America, China, and the UAE in the coming years, and I’ll contribute what I can to see it through.”


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