Instagram introduces feature to help users reclaim hacked accounts

Account recovery after hacking has been a problem for years

Instagram introduces a new security feature which users whose accounts have been compromised may find this quite helpful.

If you’re having trouble logging into Instagram, go on over to the central hub, specific section to recover.

Instagram will inquire as to whether the problem is the result of a hacked account, a forgotten password, impersonation, the loss of a two-factor authentication mechanism, or the account being disabled.

After identifying the problem, a series of instructions will appear to guide you back into your account.

You may verify an account by asking other people to verify your identity. If you’re shut out, two Instagram friends can verify your identity.

Instagram tested this function earlier this year, and now it’s available to everyone.

The request will be open for 24 hours. Instagram will reset your password if they complete verification.

Instagram is taking new steps to prevent account hacking. The service deletes malicious accounts like impersonators.

A new test warns you ‘if an account that we suspect may be impersonating someone requests to follow you’.

Instagram will notify users who get DMs from corporate impersonators in the coming months.

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