Failure to open LCs sees essential medicines disappear from shelves

Pharmaceutical companies say they are unable to import raw material leading to shortage of suppressants, painkillers
Dec 13, 2022
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With the country having insufficient United States dollars to pay for imports, a new crises has arisen, this time in the critical health sector where essential medicines have started disappearing from shelves, it was learnt on Tuesday.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers say they are unable to import medicines because the government is not opening letters of credit (LCs).

In this regard, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) held a meeting with officials from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) via Zoom and informed them about the shortage of critical medicines including for intravenous drips, medicines for mental illnesses, and painkillers.

“There is also a shortage of life saving medicines,” PPMA officials stressed.

SBP officials sought from the association a list of companies which are struggling because of import restrictions. At this, PPMA officials retorted by saying that a list has been provided.

A source inside the pharmaceutical industry said that the Health Ministry has blamed the commerce ministry for the crisis.

Meanwhile, a health ministry spokesperson told SAMAA TV that there is no shortage of medicines in the market.


medicine shortage

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