Rana Sanaullah acquitted in 15kg drugs case

Case thrown out after witnesses recanted their testimony
Dec 10, 2022

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday was acquitted in 15 kilograms heroin smuggling case of 2019.

This was directed on Saturday by the Special Court for Control of Narcotics Substances (CNS).

During Saturday’s hearing of a petition filed by Rana Sanaullah to quash the case, the court reviewed the sworn testimony submitted by two witnesses in the case, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Inspector Hassan Azam and Assistant Director Imtiaz Cheema.

During proceedings, Cheema told the court that no drugs were recovered in his presence.

For his part, Azam said they were not even present on the site when the drugs were recovered.

They added that they were pressured into building the case.

This weakened the prosecution’s case.

The court then summoned the ANF lawyer and asked if they had any objection to acquitting Sanaullah. When they responded in the negative, the case was dismissed.

Truth has won today

Speaking to SAMAA TV after his acquittal, Rana Sanaullah said that truth had won today.

“It is a day of torment for those who built fake cases and those involved in vidictive prosecution of political opponents,” he said.

Sanaullah added that whenever they met the witnesses, they always used to tell their legal team that whenever they are called to appear before court, they will tell the truth.

Asked where does he belive the pressure came for the officers to lodge a fake case against him, Sanaullah said that the pressure came from former prime minister Imran Khan and his head of Assets Recovery Unit (ARU) Shehzad Akbar.

“And we now have witnesses who testify that they tried to plant evidence in my room in the Parliament lodges,” he said.

Inquired if he would prosecute those who lodged a fake case against him and had him arrested, he said that those who built the case were primarily government officers who were only following orders so there was no point persecuting them.

However, he said that those who gave the orders need to think what they are doing.


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