Imran Khan involved in Rs50b corruption: Nawaz Sharif

PML-N supremo says further revelations about Imran still to come

Deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif has stated that Imran Khan and his close coterie are involved in corruption worth Rs50 billion and that what has come to light thus far is but a fraction of the true extent of his corruption.

In an exclusive interview with SAMAA TV in London, the three-time prime minister accused Imran of being part of a conspiracy to discredit Pakistan and Pakistan’s political leadership.

“Imran Khan needs to consider, there are so many allegations against him with evidence mounting of his alleged corruption,” Nawaz said, pointing to the recent audio leaks and other evidence surfacing in the Toshakhana Reference.

“There are other cases whose details have yet to come forward, including the Billion Tree Tsunami, Al-Qadir Trust and others which will rattle the public,” he said.

Their corruption is worth Rs50 billion while the poor here struggle to even get a salary of Rs20,000, Nawaz lamented.

He added that there would be an inquiry into these cases but conceded that these matters progress at a snail’s pace, with a week’s work taking years to complete.

“But one day, all of this will be clear before the public,” he said.

“Imran, who is implicated in corruption from head to toe, has been accusing others of corruption who then have to get certificates of innocence from courts and governments of other countries,” Nawaz said, adding that there is a need for the public to understand this crucial difference before going forwards.

“Imran Khan, his party members and people like Shehzad Akbar should be ashamed at what they have done,” he said with reference to the publication of a fabricated story in the British tabloid the Daily Mail.

“God has proven them all to be liars.”

Nawaz said that they had been consistently victimized with cases upon cases lodged against them which were fought legally, spent time in jail and eventually went into self-exile.

“At one point in time, there was a case of hijacking against me as well, for which there was no evidence.”

Extolling the services of his party, Nawaz said that they turned Pakistan into a nuclear power, while their services in every sector are on record before the public.

“If still, someone does not understand, then what else can we do,” he said, adding that there is not one project Imran et al. can name that they initiated and can proudly say took it to completion.

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