Shaan Shahid shares key to successful marriage

Says compatibility, trust in relationships is crucial
<p>Photo: Shaan Shahid/Instagram</p>

Photo: Shaan Shahid/Instagram

The renowned Pakistani actor, Shaan Shahid, believes that the cause of rising divorces in the industry is that people love the idea of being loved but don’t want to grow together.

In a recent interview with Ghup Shup with Fuchsia, Shaan Shahid shared his views on why marriages don’t last and what should couples do to work out their relationships.

He was asked about his thoughts on the recent rise in divorces recently in showbiz and how people should deal with the complications of relationships.

He was questioned that how does he feel about people losing trust in the institution of marriage?

To this, he replied that nowadays people fall in love with the idea of being loved without thinking that their choices have repercussions.

He added that ‘affection’ between couples eventually dies down, so it’s essential for the partners to have compatibility, understanding, support, and trust, and they must accept each other just the way they are.

He said that he has also written a script Chup on the issue, which states that if you’re unhappy in a relationship, you must go your separate ways.




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