‘Freedom of expression has limits too’: Another petition filed against Joyland

Petitioner says movie aims at promoting homosexuality
<p>Photo: Khoosat Films</p>

Photo: Khoosat Films

After the release of Saim Sadiq directorial debut Joyland, another petition has been filed against the movie for promoting homosexuality.

The petitioner Samira Mohammadi filed a case against Pakistan’s this year’s Oscar nomination.

Her application stated that The film Joyland is made to promote homosexuality which Islam prohibits.

It also said that Article 19-A of the Constitution on freedom of expression also has limits and restrictions and that Islamic teachings cannot be violated.

The petitioner termed the movie as an attempt to generate sympathy for transgender people.

It also mentioned statements of Islamic Ideological Council (IIC) and eminent religious scholar Mufti Taqi Usmani against the film.

The applicant maintained that the Transgender Act has been challenged in the Supreme Court and the matter is pending.

Promoting transgenderism is unconstitutional until full clarification of the rights and legal status of transgenders, the petitioner said.

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