All you need to know about latest internet sensation Akhtar Lawa

His famous catchphrase 'Lahore Da Pawa Akhtar Lawa' is trending on social platforms
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If you haven’t heard about “Lahore Da Pawa Akhtar Lawa” yet, then you might be living under a rock. Here is what you need to know about him.

Video of a new social media sensation has been making rounds on the internet for quite some time.

Akhtar Lawa is a businessman by profession and also a politician who has become an internet sensation with his famous catchphrase and punch-motion combo.

He is not new to the business as he had been making videos for TikTok. But he became popular after his video was posted on Twitter.

His famous catchphrase “Lahore Da Pawa, Akhtar Lawa” means “Akhtar Lava, the pillar of Lahore” soon took over different social platforms.

He recently appeared in an interview with Daily Point, where he revealed that the catchphrase and punch-action makes him feel energized and alive, which is why he started using it in his TikTok videos.

Check out how he describes himself.

His life certainly has been a roller coaster as he had been arrested in the past once during a protest.

Despite it, internet users are continuing to enjoy his ‘content’, and also want Nida Yasir to invite him on her show and in the pursuit of same, a user created a fake video.

An illustrator, MoiNazim Graphics, made a funny illustration featuring Lawa as a lava cake.

One of Lawa’s video is getting viral in which he gets scared by a pet lion.

His insane online popularity is demonstrated by the fact that even a Norwegian imitated his slogan and punching action!

This simply proves that you don’t need talent or any special skills to become famous online. All you need is a catchphrase to become an overnight sensation.

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