More than 50,000 social accounts, pages pushing anti-Pakistani agenda banned

Most of the accounts were operated from India, Germany, USA, Afghanistan, and Iran

Over 55,000 anti-Pakistan social media accounts and pages - majority of which were located in India and Iran - were shut down at Pakistan’s request.

The Pakistani government had reportedly sent 75 letters to 15 different nations and sought action against groups pushing anti-Pakistan agenda on social platforms.

As many as 78,000 complaints were lodged by Pakistan against anti-state platforms. More than 17,000 applications are still pending.

A large number of anti-Pakistani accounts were managed from locations like India, Germany, United States, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The data shows that over three years, these accounts created over three billion anti-Pakistan posts targeting the Pakistani military and government.

Anti-Pakistan organizations were funding these platforms, which included websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, TikTok channels, and others.


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