Soldier who protected Pakistani diplomat in Kabul recalls moment of courage

Says he was shot multiple times as he dragged diplomat to safety

Last week, when Pakistan’s head of mission in Kabul came under a sniper attack, a soldier deputed for his security put his body between the diplomat and the attacker to protect him. As a result, he was shot multiple times.

Having been evacuated to Pakistan to receive treatment for his wounds, he spoke about the incident.

In a video that emerged on Tuesday evening, Special Services Group (SSG) Sepoy Israr Ahmed spoke from his hospital bed. He recalled the moment gunshots rang out.

Ahmed said that he was walking about four to five meters behind the diplomat as they returned from Friday prayers.

When the first shot whizzed by, Ahmed said that he sprung into action, embracing the diplomat and throwing him to the ground, all the while creating a protective shield around him.

When he felt it was a little safer, he tried to pick the diplomat up to scurry him to safety.

“Just as I was picking him up, I was shot in the chest,” he said.

Despite being shot, Ahmed said that he put one hand on his wound to stem the bleeding. With his free hand, he said that he started dragging the diplomat out of the firing line.

As he was doing this, he was shot for a second time in his leg.

“Then the rest of our guys [from the security cordon] arrived, and I then lost consciousness,” he said.

Ahmed had been evacuated after the attack to Peshawar via a special flight sent by Pakistan to Kabul.


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