Internet ‘disgusted’ by abomination ‘Qorma’ by British cook

Desis speak their mind on the latest British appropriation of South Asian cuisine
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Pakistanis and Indians take their cuisine very seriously. Perhaps it is because it is the last thing left untouched by colonial masters. Unsurprisingly, when former colonialists try and deconstruct it and rebuild dishes (read mess it up), there isn’t amusement, there is just raw anger.

Recently, popular food recipe account Tasty in the UK took to Twitter to share their take on a popular South-Asian dish, the venerable ‘Qorma’. But the outcome of this endeavor had desis hurling without even tasting the dish.

Without a doubt, South Asia is rich in flavors and wholesome traditional recipes. But when uncalled for Westernized versions of Desi dishes are launched on the internet, ‘Desi people’ don’t take it lightly and quickly reclaim their heritage.

Past appropriations

Previously, the Western world has taken our tea (Doodh Patti), Naan, and Chapati (Roti) and to our (South Asians) surprise, created something called “Chai Tea Latte”, “Naan Bread” and “Roti Bread”.

They didn’t stop there and also created things like “Ghee Butter”, “Kabab Croissants” (Ban Kabab), “Raita Dip” and our favorite “Sweet Rose Water Milk Balls” (Gulaab Jamun).

Defiling the ‘Qorma’

Continuing the legacy of ruining South Asian dishes, Britons have now shared a recipe for their version of the “Qorma”.

On Saturday, popular online food channel Tasty UK shared a recipe and called it “One-Pot Chicken Qorma”.

Their version of Mughal delicacy was composed of a combination of meat, rice, spinach, and raisins in a single pot.

If reading the ingredients made you raise your eyebrows, hang on to watch how they cooked it all together.

Soon, the recipe went viral and Desi tweeps trolled the global food channel.

One person threatened to take Tasty to court for creating this ‘abomination’.

Another Twitter user shared the picture of ‘authentic’ Korma next to Tasty’s version and said, “That’s not even close to Chicken Qorma, this is how (the real one) looks like.”

Another user said, “Where is the part where you bury this in the ground so no one dies from eating this?”

A user said, “It is worse than when you colonized us for 200 years”

And the comments do not stop

Check out how internet reacted to British’s version of Qorma:




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