Pakistan to become economic power by 2047: Masood Khan

Poverty in Pakistan has reduced from 64% to 24%, he says
Dec 06, 2022
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Pakistani Ambassador to America Masood Khan on Tuesday said that Pakistan will be included in the top 10 economic powers of the globe by 2047 .

While addressing a speech at the event in Washington D.C, Masood Khan said Pakistan has the 23rd largest economy on the basis of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and 42nd in terms of nominal GDP.

In the last two decades, the poverty in Pakistan has reduced from 64% to 24% which was a clear indication that the nation is moving towards improvement, said Masood Khan.

He said that new and ground-breaking business ecosystems are being unlocked in Pakistan.

The tech sector is witnessing exponential growth with the potential to become an alternative startup hub in the neighborhood, he said.

Pakistan’s population is in line with the needs of emerging economy, he said. However, despite the difficulties, Pakistan’s economy has the potential to grow and develop rapidly.



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karthick Dec 06, 2022 10:23pm
The second i read PPP as Public Private Partnership and not Purchasing Power Parity i had an heart attack.
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