Saboor Ali opens up about getting ‘whitening injections’

Says it was vitamin injection
<p>Photo: Saboor Aly/Instagram</p>

Photo: Saboor Aly/Instagram

One of the famous Pakistani actors, Saboor Ali, in a recent interview cleared the air about her getting whitening injections, saying it was vitamin drips.

Earlier this year in June, the Gul o Gulzar actor and her husband were trolled for getting a whitening treatment.

Aly shared a picture with her husband that showed the couple in a clinic and the drip was suspected to be a whitening cocktail that is used to enhance skin color.

The Parizaad actor was recently invited to The Talk Talk Show, where the show host asked her if she wants to clear the misconception people had about their whitening treatment.

“You and Ali Ansari have had whitening injections, which got misinterpreted, would you clarify that?” The show host, Hasan Choudry asked.

To this Aly replied, “These were not whitening injection they were vitamins we work a lot and our skin got tan, so we take this. Apart from it if we were taking those whitening injections. So surely I will appear in some prominent channels in prominent roles.”

She further added that there was a time, the directors used to emphasize putting up the ivory foundation on every female actor to make them look white which has now changed.

Ali said that she doesn’t know if the trend has changed, but now she’s in a position to say no to something she doesn’t endorse.

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