#NidaStopObscenity: Twitter trends against Nida Yasir’s morning show

Public calls her out for promoting ‘talentless’ people
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

People have started a Twitter trend against the famous Pakistani TV host for promoting “obscenity” and neglecting the real talent in the country.

One of the most famous morning show hosts in Pakistan, Nida Yasir, somehow manages to stay in the limelight, mostly for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, she invited and appreciated the ‘talent’ of the latest internet sensation, Ayesha, whose dance video from a family function went viral on social media.

Her appearance at the show was severely criticized by the social media users as they called the host out for honoring viral sensation and neglecting the real talented people of Pakistan.

A Twitter user said that the trend of promoting content against Pakistan’s cultural and moral values will stop the youth’s mental and physical development.

Another user said, “When you present the dancers in a proud manner, and ignore the educated ones, then everyone will go towards immorality.” and added the hashtag, #NidaStopObscenity.

This is how the public pull Nida Yasir to pieces.

Nida Yasir


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