We idolize people who adopt perverse means to get famous, says Rabi Pirzada

After her video scandal, she left the industry
<p>Photo: Rabi Pirzada/Instagram</p>

Photo: Rabi Pirzada/Instagram

Rabi Pirzada in her latest interview shared her thoughts on people getting famous through perverse means.

She was one of the famous Pakistani pop singers but after her video scandal in 2019, she vanished and abandoned her social media.

She is now a painter and calligrapher who also teaches Quran.

After three years of keeping social media at bay, she was recently featured in Nadir Ali Podcast, where she shared her struggles after the scandal.

On Thursday, she was invited to the podcast of the famous journalist and TV host, Waseem Badami. She shared her opinion on the latest trends and how as a society we are failing ourselves.

She said, “We as a society are on a decline as we are idolizing men who imitate women and women are getting famous by dancing.”


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