With dwindling supplies, basic medicines disappear from shelves

Multiple pharmaceutical firms close operations
Dec 02, 2022
<p>Paracetamol tablets. Photo: SAMAA/file</p>

Paracetamol tablets. Photo: SAMAA/file

With imports under a crunch as the government keeps the foreign exchange reserves on a tight leash, domestic medicine manufactures who rely on imported raw material, and others who import essential medicines, have started to feel the crunch with many essential medicines disappearing from the shelves.

As a result, some pharmaceutical companies have also shut down their businesses.

Some of the medicines which have disappeared from shelves include medicines for fever, blood pressure, asthma, liver, diabetes, etc.

Earlier this year, multinational pharmaceutical company such as Eli Lilly and others had suspended their operations due the government’s failure to provide business friendly environment for the operations of such companies.

Eli Lilly is one of the largest manufacturer of insulin, Humulin, in the Pakistani market.

However, the American manufacturer said they will continue their operations in the country through various distributors.

Moreover, drugs to treat cancer, anesthesia and kidney medicines were used to prepare by global drug manufacturer Pfizer, has also shut down its operations.

Similarly, French company Sanofi has also reportedly closed its plant and sold its shares to a Pakistani company.

The companies said that due to high prices of raw material it had become hard to continue operations in the country.

Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) said that the government must reconsider its policies and should take serious steps to help restart the industry in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has said that the prime minister has constituted committee to oversee the prices of medicines and submit its report about difficulties faced by importers and manufacturer of medicines.


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