FIA busts gang involved in billion rupee hacks of bank accounts

Gang used to hack accounts of private banks and transfer money into their accounts

The cybercrime circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) busted a 20-member gang of hackers in Sheikhupura area of Punjab. The hackers were allegedly involved in skimming and hacking more than a billion rupees from accounts in different countries.

In a statement issued on Friday, the FIA said that the gang had allegedly used financial statements to hack accounts of private banks places as far as Saudi Arabia, Greece apart from several accounts in Pakistan.

The gang then used to transfer the money into their accounts.

The FIA said that the gang fluently spoke multiple languages such as Urdu, Arabic and Greek.

The modus operandi of the gang was that they used to call Saudi Arabia and Greece using local cellular connections, and obtained details of bank accounts, later they transferred the money to their bank accounts, FIA explained.

The FIA further said that the head of the gang had hired people who could fluently speak Arabic and Persian and used to hack accounts using their expertise.

“The culprits were involved in more than a Rs1 billion scam in such countries,” the FIA added.



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