WATCH: Zarrar antagonist is inspired by real Indian spy

Movie highlights Indo-Pak tension
<p>Photo: Zarrar The Film/Instagram</p>

Photo: Zarrar The Film/Instagram

The director of the recently released movie, Zarrar, revealed that the movie is converged on tension between Pakistan and India and the antagonist is inspired by an Indian spy.

The cast of the spy-thriller movie Zarrar was invited to the recent episode of the SAMAA TV show Super Over, where they discussed the story, production, and the struggles of actors during the shoot of the movie.

Upon asking about the villain in the movie, Adnan Butt – who plays the antagonist in the movie – said that ‘Mahveer Singh Rajpoot’ is inspired by a real person, and they have researched a lot about him to design this character.

In the movie, Rajput wants his goal of ‘Akhand Bharat’ – a proposed superstate where the other countries of South Asia are joined into India – achieved by any means.

Butt added that Zarrar kills people because he has an objective while Mahveer Singh Rajput kills people because he finds pleasure in it.

While talking about the storyline, the movie director Shaan Shahid said that the world only gets to see Indian’s (Bollywood’s) perspective of the events such as the Kashmir conflict.

He said that it’s about time that we start narrating our stories and tell the world about reality.

Shaan added that the Indian film industry is ‘hijacked’ by RSS, and now you see every other actor playing a role in a period film portraying ‘Mughals’ as the villains and glorifying the Maratha rulers.

Directed by Shaan Shahid, Zarrar is a spy-thriller movie based on the story of a secret agent gone rogue. He is on a mission to end corruption, aiming to break the seemingly endless cycle of threats against his homeland, Pakistan.

The movie stars Shaan Shahid, Kiran Malik, Nadeem Baig, and Adnan Butt in the lead roles.

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