Significance of Malacca cane used as Pakistan army chief command stick

Command canes are an integral part of high-ranking army officials
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Every time a new Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is entrusted with the command of the military, he is handed over the command stick by the outgoing COAS.

Command canes are an integral part of high-ranking army officials such as Corps Commanders and GOCs.

The command stick is also called the Malacca Cane.

This stick is made from a specific bamboo obtained from the island of Malacca in Singapore. This bamboo is very light in weight but very strong.

The Malacca Cane stick is merely a symbol of command in the army and in the event of a stick being broken (which has never happened yet) the powers of the army chief are not affected. As the experts say, “Power is only in the post and not in the stick.”

In addition to Pakistan, high-ups of the armed forces in India, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom also have sticks made from the same bamboo.

According to Pakistan’s military traditions, it is mandatory for the army chief and other commanders to carry the command stick on specific occasions.

Army commands must hold the stick next to them while protecting the national flag, receiving a guard of honor and witnessing the parade.

In addition to the Army Chief in Pakistan, Corps Commanders and General Officer Commanding (GOC) have a command stick too.

On the other hand, the command stick is also kept away on some occasions.

Whenever the army chief meets the president, prime minister or any other higher personality the stick of command is not with him.

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