Is it necessary for you to drink 8 glasses of water in winter?

Currently, recommended eight glasses of water per day might be too much
<p>Photo: Pexels</p>

Photo: Pexels

A recent study suggested that drinking eight glasses daily could be harmful.

The latest research on human water turnover was just published in the journal Science under the title “Variation in human water turnover linked with environmental and lifestyle variables”.

It highlights how changes in the Earth’s climate and human population may make it harder to manage water needs for human use.

The research included more than 5,600 participants of varying ages from 26 different countries.

100 mL of water containing 5% doubly labeled water (in which some hydrogen molecules were replaced by a stable isotope of the element called deuterium) was given to each participant.

“The current study clearly indicates that one size does not fit all for drinking water guidelines, and the common suggestion that we should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day is not backed up by objective evidence,” the researchers mentioned.

Researchers provided additional commentary on the study as follows, “Improved guidelines are of increasing importance because of the explosive population growth and climate change the world currently faces, which will affect the availability of water for human consumption.”


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