Pakistani fashion designer took this amazing step for domestic abuse victims

She returned her Lux Style Awards after Feroze Khan’s win
<p>Photo: File</p>

Photo: File

Renowned Pakistani fashion designer, Maheen Khan, returned her Lux Style award in solidarity with domestic abuse victims after Feroze Khan received the award for best actor.

She did so because Feroze Khan – an alleged domestic abuser – received the best actor award.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she wrote, “I will be returning my Lux Style Awards in solidarity with those who continue to suffer the infringement of their basic human right to live free from violence.”

“In a world where one in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual assault, where rape and domestic abuse remains unaddressed, it is imperative that those who have a voice must use it,” read the caption of Khan’s post.

She added, “In all conscience, I can no longer associate myself with an event that disregards their plight.”

She also added that it is a sad day as she had such hopes for the Lux Style Awards show to be not just a champion of style but a platform that nurtured justice for women and stood out as a proud beacon of hope for every child and woman who has been violated.

Prior to the event, the Oscar-winning Pakistani director, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, returned her lifetime achievement award as soon she came to know about the Hubs actor was nominated.

Expressing her disappointment in Lux and Unilever, she shared an Instagram story saying that she is returning her award because the brand (Unilever) and she don’t share the same values any longer.

In response to her post the official Instagram account share a post stating, “Respecting the freedom and diversity of audience views, [they do] not regulate or limit engagement (except in cases of content with obscene or inappropriate language) on our social media platforms.”

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