Imran blinks, decides to withdraw PTI from all assemblies

Says will consult chief ministers, parliamentary party before announcing date of departure in coming days
Nov 26, 2022


Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday announced to withdraw his party from all the assemblies after consulting all parliamentary parties and chief ministers in the coming days.

He said this while addressing his Haqeeqi Azadi rally on Murree Road near Faizabad in Rawalpindi.

Imran said that they cannot bear to stay in this corrupt system any longer with people accused of billions in corruption getting away without punishment.

Imran said that he will hold a consultative meeting with all of his chief ministers and parliamentary parties and decide on when they will exit the assemblies.

He teased the idea of marching on Islamabad, with his supporters having already removed some of the shipping containers blocking the roads towards Islamabad. He suggested that a few thousand police officers would be unable to stop the massive crowd he had gathered.

Ultimately, though, he disclosed that he had decided against it and of causing further damage to the state that would inevitably be caused in any clash with security forces.

Earlier, Imran said that the three people who had hatched a plan to assassinate him are still in powerful positions.

He said this while addressing a rally on Murree Road near Faizabad in Rawalpindi.

At the beginning of his speech, Imran apologized for the delay in starting his speech because several convoys are still stuck on the roads.

“They had asked me to delay my speech,” he said.

He added that when he was leaving his home in Lahore, everyone told him two things.

The first, Imran said, was that his leg was still not in a state that allowed him to travel and that it would take another three months for it to completely heal.

“The other was that people said that still have threats to my life,” he said.

“The three people who tried their best to kill me, they are still on their powerful posts,” he said.

Imran continued that he had seen death from very close.

“As I fell, bullets flew past my head. If I did not fall, I would probably have been dead today,” he said, adding that there was an element of divine providence.

He continued how four bullets were found in the clothes of former Sindh governor Imran Ismail but escaped without even a scratch.

Imran further said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government tried its best to sling mud at Imran and to tarnish his name but they failed.

He asked why do an overwhelming number of overseas Pakistanis support the PTI. He then answered himself, stating that because overseas Pakistanis live in countries where there is justice, rule of law and facilities for the common person, where their ministers do not loot wealth of their nation and take them abroad. He suggested that overseas Pakistanis support him because he wants to build a similar society in Pakistan.

Imran said that apart from looting the wealth of the country, the two major parties never attempted to strengthen the state institutions despite ruling for 30 years.

Imran said that he tried very hard but he could not bring the powerful to account and failed in his three and a half years.

“NAB was not under me, they were under the powerful establishment,” he said, adding, “Cases are ready but they (establishment) was not giving the signal.”

Imran alleged that the establishment was busy cutting deals with these crooks.

“I was repeatedly told to focus on the economy and forget about accountability cases and give them an NRO,” Imran said.

The ones who had power, they did not think corruption was bad.

He reiterated that even if the establishment did not create the conspiracy against his government, they also did not do any thing stop it and let these people take over.

Referring to the investigations into the Wazirabad attack, Imran claimed that there were three shooters that day.

The first was the decoy, the second was the one who shot him and the third whose bullets flew over their head.

He added that Moazzam Gondal, who was killed in Waizrabad, was not shot by the gunman who was apprehended but by a shooter who was tasked with killing the decoy who was apprehended.

Imran added that he had received advance information from within intelligence agencies about the plot to kill him.

He asked why were the rulers not learning from their mistakes.

Today, every single trick in the book is being used to weaken the single largest federal party in the country, he said, adding that he could not even get an FIR registered for a murderous attack on him.

Until the people do not work in their constitutionally defined boundaries and if you do not do your duty, we cannot progress.

He said that when he criticizes institutions such as the military and the judiciary, he does it in a constructive way.

Imran said that history will record who did what and how he brutally trampled upon rights.

PTI gathers in Islamabad

Earlier, After weeks of street campaigning across several cities of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) long march is due for a ‘climax’ at the Faizabad junction on the confluence of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Having survived an assassination attempt in Wazirabad on November 3, former prime minister and party chief Imran Khan is due to join the protesters in person for the first time in three weeks, having recovered sufficiently to travel.

Imran Khan arrives in Rawalpindi

Imran Khan finally reached Rawalpindi on Saturday evening after traveling in a helicopter.

He was later taken to the top of the stage using a special lift brought in for the purpose.

Infighting breaks out between various PTI groups

As the rush of people increased near and in Rawalpindi, scuffles and clashes started emerging amongst various groups of PTI supporters.

The first scuffle took place in Attock where workers clashed over who would get on to the highway first and lead their convoy.

In Rawalpindi near the rally location around Faizabad, there were skirmishes between different groups, including near a women’s enclosure with people pushing each other into the barbed wires installed for security.

Workers could also be seen throwing chairs at each other apart from trading blows.

PTI rallies reach Rawalpindi

Dozens of PTI convoys from across Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) arrived in Rawalpindi on Saturday afternoon.

The main caravan was led by PTI leader Riaz Fatyana reached Allama Iqbal Park in Rawalpindi from Kasur.

Meanwhile Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid was also leading a convoy from Lahore to the rally location.

A convoy of vehicles under the leadership of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid entered Murree Road from Saddar area of Rawalpindi.

All convoys are expected to reach Rawalpindi by 1 pm.

Security and threats

The federal government and Punjab Police has warned that Imran continues to face a threat to his life and has advised him to plan cautiously any public appearance.

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had on Friday said that there lies a possibility of another attack on Imran Khan during the long march.

Sanaullah had urged the PTI chief to cancel his Rawalpindi rally on November 26.

In this regard, the Punjab police has deployed around 8,000 police officers around the demonstration site.

On the other hand, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has erected a wall of shipping containers to block of pathways from Faizabad towards Islamabad to prevent any march from entering the ‘Red Zone’ which now covers almost all of Islamabad.

Traffic diversions

Meanwhile, the ICT Police late on Friday issued new traffic diversion instructions, closing the Bus Stand to Faizabad road until the culmination of the rally for public transport.

Further, Murree Road heading to Rawalpindi was also closed for traffic.

Traffic heading from Islamabad to Rawalpindi via 9th Avenue and IJP Junction were also diverted.

Precautions for Imran

Meanwhile, the Punjab Police has issued an advisory to ensure security for Imran.

The 28-point advisory, issued by Rawalpindi DIG advised that the traditional mode of announcing Imran Khan’s arrival to the venue and stage shall not be practiced.

Further, it advised the march organizers to use bullet proof rostrum and stage for Imran to address the crowd from. Moreover, it called for wearing a bullet proof vest.

High alert in Lahore

In view of Imran’s departure from Lahore for Rawalpindi, high alert has been issued for eight hospitals of Lahore.

General, Jinnah, Services and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Mayo Hospital, Mian Munshi Hospital, Shahdara and Children’s Hospital have been put on alert.

Medical staff at hospitals in Rawalpindi have also been issued an alert to deal with any emergency situation.

Capital weapon extended

Meanwhile, the Islamabad administration has announced to extend a ban on the display of weapons in the city for two months.

ICT Administration explained that the decision was made to ensure law and order and to protect the lives of residents.

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