Man who transplanted pig heart into human says consistency was key

Dr Mansoor Muhiuddin laments Pakistan lacks data base to track diseases
<p>Samaa: file photo</p>

Samaa: file photo

A Pakistani medicine graduate from Karachi Dr Mansoor Muhiuddin has disclosed that consistency was key to ensuring the world’s first successful xenotransplant – transplanting a pig heart to a human.

Dr Muhiuddin made history in the field of medical sciences at the beginning of the year, on January 7, when he announced the first transplant from a pig to a human.

“I had made many such efforts before [the successful one] but received discouragement from 90% of people. But finally, consistency gave success, and we were able to find a new pathway to save a human life,” he said.

Speaking as the chief guest at a ceremony organized by the Dow Institute of Health Professional Education at the Moin Auditorium in Karachi .

Dr Muhiuddin, who is a medicine graduate from Karachi’s Dow University and is the president of the Dow Graduates of North America “Dogana”) said that research and self pity were interlinked.

“If you cannot bear the burden of frustration that you feel when under pressure, then you cannot do research.”

Of the hurdles and challenges he faced, he said that as soon as he started his first research program, the program was shut down.

“In this way, five research programs with different institutions were closed due to lack of funds, but I did not give up, I continued my efforts and finally got success,” he said.

Lack of database

Dr Muhiuddin lamented the absence of concerted database around disease incidence and cure in Pakistan.

He recalled that some time ago in America, his colleagues were devising a research program on malaria.

“I suggested that there can be no better place than Pakistan for malaria research, but unfortunately we do not have any electronic database available,” he lamented.

He further said that as a result, his colleagues decided to conduct their research in African countries and collect data for the research.

Dr Muhiuddin said that there should be an electronic database related to diseases in Pakistan, I hope that Dow University will definitely manage this because without data no research is possible.

He offered that Dogana will fully cooperate in research and is willing to do joint research programs with Dow.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Muhammad Saeed Quraishy said that Dow University wants to promote research culture, whatever is suitable will be financially supported in the projects presented.

Others who spoke included Dr Farhan Wakani, Dr Shahid Shamim and others.

A large number of teachers and students including Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Nusrat Shah, Registrar Dr Ashar Afaq, Prof Sambal Shamim, Prof Ambrina Qureshi and others were also present on this occasion.

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