Indian ‘werewolf’ teen describes his traumatic experience

17-year-old born with rare skin disorder called 'werewolf syndrome'
<p>Photo: u/yourSAS/Reddit</p>

Photo: u/yourSAS/Reddit

An Indian teenage kid with a unique medical condition recently spoke out about his suffering.

Lalit was treated poorly by other students at his high school. The 17-year-old was born with a rare skin disorder called “werewolf syndrome”.

Doctors first observed Lalit’s unusual hair growth all over his body when he was only six years old, and that’s when he found out he had an uncommon ailment.

Only 50 instances of hypertrichosis due to “werewolf syndrome” have been reported so far, as stated in JAMA Dermatology.

Lalit’s unique condition made him a target of disrespect, and his classmates labelled him “monkey boy”.

He also said that several of his schoolmates felt that he may bite them, and numerous youngsters tossed stones at him and chanted “monkey monkey” in his face.

The taunting didn’t stop there, as other people believed that he was a ghost or a mythical monster.

A farmer’s son, Lalit, comes from a middle-class family. Currently, studying in 12th year, he regularly aids his father in the fields.

“I have had this hair my whole life, my parents say the doctor shaved me at birth, but I didn’t really notice anything was different about me until I was around six or seven years old,” Lalit said to local media.

“That’s when I first took notice that the hair was growing all over my body like no one else I knew,” he further added.


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