Mystery prevails in murder of cop during DHA shootout

Police still clueless about woman who was at the heart of the conflict

The shooting of a police officer last night in the upscale Defence Housing Authority (DHA) neighborhood of Karachi remains under investigation, with police perplexed over the question of the woman who was allegedly being abducted and the role the suspect’s relatives had played in spiriting him out of reach of the police.

Defence police say that thus far, they have apprehended three people, including the gate keeper at the suspect’s house and two of the suspect’s family members and are questioning them about the suspect and his whereabouts.

Police said that after murdering the police officer between the night of Monday and Tuesday, the suspect Khurram Nisar called two of his relatives. He then went home, got into a different car and fled. His family also left the home.

Police said that they have traced the numbers Nisar had called and that they were questioning the two people whom Nisar spoke to.

Nisar, who is a permanent resident of Sweden, had returned to Pakistan three weeks ago, police said. An FIR has been registered against him as well.

Missing woman

DIG South Irfan Baloch was asked about the attack and a key witness in the entire episode, the woman who was in Nisar’s car over which the Shaheen patrol had intercepted him.

DIG Baloch said that since only two patrol officers were present at the spot, they were focused on containing the armed suspect.

He added that when the Shaheen patrol intercepted Nisar and pulled him over, the girl got out of the car and fled.

Asked why only two patrol officers were present when the police standard operating procedure calls for four officers.

DIG Baloch explained that the two constables were from the Gizri Police station and were patrolling there. On two officers intercepting the car, Baloch said that they have a shortage of staff which is why they are operating in smaller groups and only two officers were patrolling in that particular area.

Missing woman

Asked about the missing woman, DIG Baloch said that their officers saw a man wielding a gun and allegedly abducting a woman.

He added that the woman got off the car and fled when they stopped the car.

“Our focus was on containing the armed suspect given only two officers were present at the time,” he said.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident has also surfaced in which the victim and the suspect could be seen brawling with the police.

The police said that the suspect had reached Pakistan from Sweden on November 5.

The police officials said the victim’s name was Abdul Rehman who was to get married a month later.

They added that the suspect has been identified and his vehicle has been impounded. The weapon used in the incident has also been seized.

South SSP Asad Raza said that they raided the suspect’s house, but he had already fled. However, the police recovered four more weapons from the vehicle that was parked inside the house.

Karachi Police

Khurram Nisar

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