After eons apart, Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza appear together

They were seen together on the set of their new show as shooting begins in Dubai


Despite recent rumors of strife between the superstar cross-border couple, cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis legend Sania Mirza was seen together on Friday for the first time in a long time.

The two were seen standing on the set of their new show, The Mirza Malik Show, as they began shooting in Dubai on Friday.

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The seating of the set suggested that the couple would probably be found sitting next to each other on plush and velvety blue sofas.

 <strong>Sania Mirza interacts with a very regular looking Pakistani superstar who is expected to be the first guest of the show.</strong>
Sania Mirza interacts with a very regular looking Pakistani superstar who is expected to be the first guest of the show.

The sofa for the couple appeared to be a two-seater, while the sofa for the guests was larger, big enough to accommodate three people.

An image of the screen test suggested that Sania would sit closer to the guests while Shoaib would have to sit back with a bit of space between him and Sania.

Shoaib Malik, dressed dapperly in a waistcoat, crew neck half-sleeves t-shirt, matching beige trousers and suede shoes, could be seen standing next to his wife.

Sania was seen wearing a long, beige tunic with matching pants and a white, full-sleeved shirt with her hair unfurled in small locks and curls.

 <strong>Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza standing on their set.</strong>
Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza standing on their set.

Another image from the set showed the hosts and their guest posing for an image but it clearly lacked the warmth it should have had.

 <strong>Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza with their superstar Pakistani guest.</strong>
Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza with their superstar Pakistani guest.

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The couple has been in the news for the past couple of weeks ever since a common friend of theirs suggested that the couple could be heading for splits-ville and that all that remained was for the couple to formalize, agree on and fulfil certain conditions.

The issue of their son, Izhaan’s future was also among the matters which needed to be settled before their divorce was finalized.

While neither has come out to either confirm or deny the reports, Shoaib only made a passing remark of ‘ignore them’.

He later wished his wife on her 36th birthday. But Sania did not react to the wish in any way whatsoever.

In fact, she posted another picture of herself on her Instagram, which, very much like her other picture, included only her.

Shoaib, who is four years her senior, had married Sania in 2010 in a wedding which made equal splashes across the border in the two countries.


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Mohsin Ikram Nov 19, 2022 12:01pm
If my message could reach Shoaib and Sania … hey guys, you make a beautiful couple and you have a son who needs all attention he can get from both his parents. If one of you has made a mistake and the other is hurt , please sit down and talk it over. People make mistakes and if repent then the other would do good to forgive … I hope to see you two together till death does you apart.
Khan Nov 19, 2022 10:34pm
Malik will never divorce Sania Mirza! As she’s a source of income for him! Without Sania he’s NOTHING!!! Tbh he can’t afford the 66 lakhs (Indian Rupees Mehr, more than double of Pakistani Rupees,) he cheated on her! But when she could cheat on his first wife then yeh tu habitual cheater hay. Also did you see his first wife? That proves he is a born desperate guy!
Khan Nov 19, 2022 10:35pm
@Mohsin Ikram , he cheated on her brother
Ibrahim khan Nov 19, 2022 10:57pm
Please be together always U both make a wonderfull couple Never leave each other Sit on a table ND sort out your issues . We wanna see u together always.
Waqas Nov 19, 2022 11:15pm
اللہ پاک کے نزدیک جائز کاموں میں سب سے ناپسندیدہ کام طلاق ھے ۔ میری دعا ھے کہ اللہ پاک آپ دونوں کو کبھی بھی علیحدہ نہ کرے اور ہمیشہ خوشی والی زندگی عطا کرے
Waqas Nov 19, 2022 11:16pm
میری دعا ھے کہ اللہ پاک آپکو سدا ایک ساتھ خوش رکھے اور کبھی جدا نہ کرے
Sharma Nov 20, 2022 02:41pm
Face saving excercise she left no option
Shareen Nov 20, 2022 03:44pm
@Mohsin Ikram , awesome
Sajad Nov 20, 2022 04:14pm
@Mohsin Ikram , well said brother
Sajad Nov 20, 2022 04:15pm
Well said bro..."Love is compromise and sacrifice".
Sheikh Nazir Ahmed Nov 21, 2022 08:24am
I wish both of them will live together happily till the end of life with more kids and eternal love.
Rumman zakir Nov 22, 2022 10:28am
It's a great south Asian LOVE story. & it's also make a social milestone in total south Asian people's. 2 S'S maked it... We people's LOVE them so much. Best wishes forever for them including around the earth people's. Rumman zakir-Bangladesh
Erum Fareed Nov 22, 2022 03:46pm
Please always be are very awesome couple. My good wishes are with both of you.
Indian kashmir Nov 22, 2022 04:25pm
@Mohsin Ikram , they share everything thing y not money
AbdullahAlMasud Nov 22, 2022 07:55pm
@Waqas, aaaamin
AbdullahAlMasud Nov 22, 2022 07:56pm
Shah Nov 24, 2022 04:44pm
@Khan , Shoaib earns enough from his own profession. Nothing to do with value of Indian currency or how much money she has. Its just a typical showbiz drama. And boring!